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Mukae ni Iku yo
22 September 2014 @ 02:35 pm
Hi, welcome to my LJ.
It is my first time to make LJ account and I'm so lacking known of it.
Hopefully I can write something interesting on it, especially about Arashi.
Please send a message if you have something to let me know.
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Mukae ni Iku yo
28 June 2015 @ 02:11 pm
Aiba is the last one who I write in my favorite member list. But actually he has something that other members didn't have. always smile and laugh that is to say. so what is the secret? jang jang... kore da..
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Mukae ni Iku yo
19 June 2015 @ 01:04 pm

Hi, it’s so hard for me to write something interesting, because there is so many people who write many things about them. Yeah, I think it will useless if I tell you the same stories. So I just want to tell you what is in my thought. I have known Arashi since 2012. It was so late because they popularity have gotten off the ground since long ago. So, tracing back of their journey is almost all what I have done.

Try to look at their concert every year. The first thing that appear in my head is about the Ohno physical. He always look different, especially since 2008 at kokuritsu. I like him with black and rather long hairs at 2008, not too chubby. Then his skin changed more dark at anniversary concert 2009 because his fishing hobby and it didn’t change too much at 10-11 tour Scene, still in short hair. But it’s look so different when you look him at beautiful world 2011 concert. He has more more dark skin, puffed up face, and swollen body. Again, he changed so much in arafes 2012. He look so tin and black. But after that he looks better at popcorn, love, and Arafes 2013 concert. Yokatta. But now, He is like old man, where as at 2014 he wasn’t look so old. Ohno, Why you could change so easyly? Whereas other members didn’t change so much, especially Nino. Although I must admit that this year jun is looked old too because of his hairstyle.

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Mukae ni Iku yo
30 May 2015 @ 01:03 pm
What were you thinking at the time of your birth day? Did you always thought who would congratulate the first time? Do you feel grow older? Do you always evaluate yourself? Must be a lot of things. But whether birthday it was something to be celebrated? I think not, because actually our time is being reduced.
But honestly there is a thing I just realized. Do you remember what's Ohno's lines when him or someone bithday?
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Mukae ni Iku yo
25 May 2015 @ 09:18 am
I'll tell you why I like Arashi.
My favorite member is Ohno Satoshi, but I also like other members, because they have overplus.

first, Ohno Satoshi. He is very calm and cool one. Seem he can't do anything but that's not right. When the time comes he can do anything cleanly and perfectly. And if you aware, all about his life is art. In my country, music, dancing, acting, and painting are art. So I can tell him as the real an artistic man. I like his voice when he sings and laughs. it's so diferent when he's speaking or yelling. I also like his low profile character. He's not the person who likes to show of him self.
Sakurai Sho and Ninomiya Kazunari are my favorite too. They can read the mood smartly and bring it too the nice situation immediately. their speaking skill was amazing. Sho was very nice heart person. Seem he never underestimates others. Always keeping close and taking care of the other members. Actually he was very clever so that he can play so many role from the "baka" to "kakkoii" one.
Nino is clever too. His memory is amazing and he often look and tell something in detail. So, no wonder if he was the winner of the vs arashi quiz in kotatsu de arashi 2014 and can figured the initial music theme of each game of vs arashi (this battle when mark VS arashi changed recently). I thing it's very very kakkoii from him. he was superb critical commentator too.
The Last are matsujun and Aiba. Matsujun is 'kakkoii' as everybody know, especially at managing live even. Although he's youngest one but very mature. and Aiba... hm he is very charming. always laugh. if you aware too the way of his laugh was very strange. the good mood maker.

Basically I like the balance of them. very very nice collaboration. (great applause for Mr.Johnny who picks them)
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